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There are more vehicles on the road with Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive as some are called than ever before. Ford for instance has almost completely stopped manufacturing cars, and has many SUV models to choose from, all of which have 4X4 as an option. Subaru has been known all along to have all-wheel drive in their cars and others are following with sedans and minivans that have all-wheel drive. Living in the East Coast where the roads can become slick or snow-covered, it makes sense to have a vehicle that is safer in those situations. Many vehicles can also be off-road capable or just working on the farm or job site it can be a great help to have the 4WD option. 

These vehicles do, however, have more moving parts that may need to be serviced as well as lubricant inside the gear cases. We recommend that the fluid be changed every 30,000 miles in the transfer case, and differential gear cases. Especially if you  tow or haul heavy loads. With clean fluid the gears and bearings should last the life of the vehicle. You will want to service the drive-train more often than for instance a vehicle that is mostly driven on the highway without a load. Maintaining the 4WD system will ensure you have a safe and reliable vehicle when the bad weather happens.

Eby's Garage has dedicated services to handle your vehicle needs in this area. It is not a forgotten system that takes care of itself but requires fluid changes and sometimes a filter as well. If you live near Boonsboro, MD stop in to have a 4X4 Service completed. Our trained technicians can perform service and repairs on your truck, suv, or car that has an all-wheel drive system.

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