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Alternators need to work harder than ever. The automotive platform is much more electrical, and electronic driven than ever before. Systems like power steering are now powered by the electrical system instead of a hydraulic belt-driven setup. The are many safety features and sensors that are electronic and in turn, need a power supply from the battery and the electrical system. Some vehicles have a second alternator to ensure the batteries stay fully charged. The belt system and speed of the engine turn the device to produce electricity.

   The job of your alternator is to keep the battery fully charged in order to supply voltage to all the components that need it. If you have a discharged battery it should be charged with a battery charger, rather than just driving your car to charge it up, as it puts a huge load on the device. If your battery, for instance, is older, it may not be able to hold a charge as long, and overwork the alternator and cause it to be overworked as well.  Eby's Garage can test your charging system and battery to determine if a repair is needed.

The belt, tensioner, and other pulleys play a role in everything working as it should. For instance, if you hear a loud squealing from your engine bay, it is probable that the belt is slipping leading to poor charging of the battery.

Also the wiring from the battery to major components like the alternator and starter are very important. The battery terminals need to be clean and tight making a could connection. High resistance from corrosion leads to less current getting to the battery.

Basically we want to ensure that you as a valuable customer are driving a safe car that will not leave you stranded on the shoulder.

If you live in or near Boonsboro MD you know the seasons change hot to cold. and that is hard on the electrical system.   When you have regularly performed maintenance, Eby's Garage can test your battery to make sure it will start your engine when you need it.  

   If you hear strange noises like grinding, squealing, or knocking, come see Eby's Garage. Over the years our repair shop has kept many happy motorists on the road. Call us today (301)432-5130 or come by Eby's Garage to schedule an appointment to keep your ride safe and fun!








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