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Axle Repair and Service


Your axles are an important part of your vehicle. The term can mean a few different things. On a truck, it can be the complete assembly that holds the front and rear wheels, as well as steering system. On most modern front wheel drive platforms, the axles are constant velocity axles or what is called cv shafts. 

The axles relate closely to the driveshafts if your vehicle has rear-wheel or a 4WD system. The CV shaft needs to send power to the wheel in a sharp turn situation without binding or vibrating.

If your vehicle is not turning as smoothly as usual or you are having extra noise or vibration at different acceleration intervals, it could very well mean you need to have the axles inspected for wear or other problem areas. The technicians here at Eby's Garage located in Boonsboro MD are an excelent source for professional and knowledgeable service. It’s essential for the equipment that carries you and your family to wherever you need to go.

Bring your vehicle to our professional, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians to receive expert axle repair and service. You’ll be back, safely on the road, in no time! Call us today or come by Eby's Garage to schedule an appointment to keep your ride safe and fun!

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