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Better Fuel Mileage for Travel

Better Fuel Mileage for Travel

Not everyone can drive a Toyota Prius. It’s hard to get their loved ones and luggage or gear into a gas-sipping compact car. Sometimes you may have to haul stuff, pull a trailer, take the boat to the lake etc.

Point being: not all of us are using the best, most fuel-efficient vehicles out there.

You might be asking yourself, “So how do I go farther using less gas?” or “Which option would lead to less dollars spent?” Everyone wants to spend less and do the same fun stuff. Sometimes you’ll want more horsepower while some of you don’t even care about fuel mileage.

Jeremy, my service advisor says “Just by a Honda”, but I have 4 kids, trailers, and like to go camping. I could have another car to commute with, but will that save me any money or just cause more cost?

Here are a few ways to save fuel (and therefore dollars) while still keeping your larger engine vehicles.

    1. Air in the tires! Tires that are low cause more resistance, and therefore more fuel is consumed. Some people over inflate their tires, which helps, but I wouldn’t recommend it for safety reasons.
    2. Take it easy on the go pedal! Accelerate slower. Some motorists imagine an egg between their foot and the pedal. Just don’t go too slow. It’ll tick everyone off! Also look ahead for traffic slowing. If you stay back a little and avoid braking it will keep you from accelerating again to speed back up.
    3. Take it easy on the A/C. We need it in the summer. Use it less for better fuel economy.
    4. Watch the weight. Take less along. Also roof racks and some accessories can cause wind resistance, or drag.

Some other things that you can do that cost a little, but can save in the long run.

  1. Replace your air filter. When it’s dirty, it makes your engine work harder to take in air, and use more fuel.
  2. Fuel Induction Service. There are hundreds of gimmicks out there for better fuel economy. Cleaner injectors and valves in your engine can save fuel.
  3. Tune-up. New spark plugs burn your gasoline more efficiently. ECU tuning can also make better fuel economy.

These and mora can be found to significantly raise your fuel economy and therefore make you spend less and have more fun!

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