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Change Your Cabin Air Filter and Reduce Allergies

Change Your Cabin Air Filter and Reduce Allergies

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Allergies are no fun. So beware, an aggravating culprit may be lurking in your car’s ventilation system. If your allergies are suddenly acting up or you notice a bad odor in your car, reduced airflow, or other pollutants, it may be time to change your cabin air filter.

Purpose of the Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter sorts out all of the dust, pollen, pollution, and debris that comes through the filtration system. This air filter is usually checked when you take your car in for its regularly scheduled oil change. Some people choose not to replace the cabin air filter, either to save time or money. But by skipping this step, all that nasty dust, pollen, and other allergens could be wreaking havoc on your allergies.

Does Your Cabin Air Filter Need to be Changed?

There are some common ways to tell that your auto’s cabin air filter needs to be changed, starting with reduced air circulation in the car. You may begin to notice that the heat and air conditioning aren’t performing up to snuff, the air intake values are making a whistling sound, or musty smells/bad odors are permeating your car.

If any of these start to happen between oil changes or routine tune-ups, head to Eby’s Garage to get your cabin air filter checked.

Frequency of Changes

While most mechanics will check your cabin air filter when you go in for an oil change, a good rule of thumb is to replace it annually or every 12,000 miles in places like Boonsboro, MD where the pollution is lighter. In areas where pollution, dust, or allergens are heavier, you’ll want to replace your cabin air filter every 5,000 miles.

New Cabin Air Filters are Good for You & Your Car

If you don’t change out your cabin air filter regularly, it will get clogged with dirt, debris, and allergens. This can result in musty smell / bad odors or poor air circulation in the cabin of your car, as well as increased allergy symptoms.

Replacing your cabin air filter regularly will help improve the air quality. it will also reduce the strain on the engine from working too hard to cool or heat your car as well as increase gas mileage.

Other Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Car

You can allergy proof your car by vacuuming the seats and floor mats, cleaning spills to avoid mold from developing, wiping down the interior to get rid of dust, and making sure that everything is sealed properly!


Clean air filters help reduce your allergies and can even boost the gas efficiency of your car. Changing out the cabin air filter is one of the best ways to keep your car running at peak efficiency and your allergies at bay. Simply have your local mechanic at Eby’s Garage in Boonsboro, MD replace it once a year or as needed. You can schedule an appointment online today.

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