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How Do I Know if I Need an Alignment?

Car shaking; steering wheel vibration; tires; brakes

How Do I Know if I Need an Alignment?

While winter weather can be really unpredictable, it almost always guarantees one thing: potholes. The worst part is, it seems like no matter how hard you try to watch out for them, you never see them coming. You know the feeling of panic when you feel your car hit a deep pothole, and then the relief when you don’t have a flat tire immediately and are going to make it home on time.

What you may not know is that just because you didn’t have a flat immediately, your vehicle is not in the clear. You may, and likely do, still have damage to your vehicle.

Things like potholes, accidentally tapping or clipping the curb with your tire, not having your tires rotated often enough, or having certain mechanical problems will cause your vehicle to come out of alignment. When this happens you may experience problems steering and even cause damage to your tires.

The Major Signs That Your Vehicle Is Out of Alignment

There are some obvious signs that your car’s alignment is off. Let’s review.

Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

When your steering wheel is vibrating it is because your tires are uneven or are not properly aligned. If it is the alignment, your vehicle has your tires pulling in different ways. If your tires are uneven, the differences in each tire will make them pull in different directions. You will need to see a mechanic to be certain which is causing this.

Your Steering Wheel Is Crooked

If your steering wheel doesn’t line up the way it did when the car was new, it is a sign that your tires are pulling, just like above. When the car is properly aligned the steering wheel will automatically be centered when you are driving straight ahead.

There Is a Slight Pulling

If you are feeling like your car is pulling slightly in one direction or the other, it is time to get your alignment checked out. It may not be all that noticeable but if you let go of your wheel and your car drifts one way or the other, your tires are out of alignment.

Your Vehicle Pulls Hard in One Direction or the Other

If this happens to you, check your tires first, it is most likely that you have a low tire. If none of your tires are low, the next thing to check in this case is your alignment.

There Is Uneven Wear on Your Car’s Tires

If you are experiencing uneven wear and tear on your car’s tires, you very clearly have a problem with your alignment. You will especially notice this if you have a tire in the same position more than once in a fairly short period of time.

Have Your Alignment Checked Out

If you suspect that your vehicle is not aligned properly, you need to have it checked out by a professional. Having your car properly aligned will add length to the life of your tires and give you better gas mileage as well as keep you safer.

To schedule an appointment to have your alignment checked, visit the Eby’s Garage Website. We can check your alignment as well as handle all of your other auto repair and factory scheduled maintenance needs!

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