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MD State Safety Inspection: Motor & Transmission

MD State Safety Inspection, Motor Mounts, Gear Shift Indicator, CV Joints

MD State Safety Inspection: Motor & Transmission

MD State Safety Inspection, Motor Mounts, Gear Shift Indicator, CV Joints

Did you know that in 2020, there were over 1,823,500 vehicles registered in the state of Maryland? That is a lot of automobiles on the road. An MD State Safety Inspection Certificate is a requirement for all those vehicles to help keep motorists safe. This certificate is only issued if your vehicle meets or exceeds the safety standards deemed necessary by the state. The MD Safety Inspection includes many different parts of your auto. This blog focuses on motor and transmission components. Below is a detailed description of the motor mounts, gear shift indicator, and CV joints. We also look into common warning signs and general maintenance associated with your vehicle’s motor and transmission.

How do I obtain a Maryland State Safety Inspection Certificate?

An MD State Inspection Certificate can be obtained once your vehicle passes a safety inspection at a licensed vehicle safety inspection station in Maryland. Once your vehicle meets or exceeds all Maryland’s safety standards, it will pass the inspection. The inspection station will electronically transfer the information to the Motor Vehicle Administration.

Motor & Transmission Components

Motor Mounts

Motor (or Engine) Mounts connect the motor to the body or frame of your vehicle. They can be made of a solid rubberized material or filled with liquid, much like a shock absorber. Motor mounts can also use vacuum-controlled or electromagnetic components. No matter which type of mount your automobile utilizes, its purpose is to secure the engine in place and reduce vibrations.

Transmission Mounts

Transmission Mounts are similar to motor mounts, but they hold the transmission in place.

Gear Shift Indicator

The gear shift indicator is near the gear shift assembly. When you put your vehicle into gear, the shift indicator lets you know what gear you are in. Some vehicles use a digital light on the dash to indicate the gear (P, D, 1, 2, R, etc.), while others may use an arrow or a shape over the gear symbol.

Gear Shift Solenoid

The shift solenoid alerts the transmission when to shift gears and what gear to shift into. Modern vehicles with automatic transmissions have electronic gear shift solenoids. They are activated and shift gears based on the speed the automobile is driving.

CV Joints

Most Front-Wheel Drive, 4WD, and some Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles have CV Joints (Constant Velocity Joints)on both sides of the drive shaft. Inner CV Joints attach the drive shafts to the transmission, and the outer CV Joints attach the drive shafts to the wheels.

Motor & Transmission Warning Signs

Maintaining proper routine maintenance on your vehicle is necessary to prevent expensive repairs. It is also an important step in keeping your vehicle operating safely. If you suspect any issues with your motor or transmission, get it checked right away. Delaying service can create expensive replacements if left unchecked.

Broken Motor Mounts & Transmission Mounts

Motor & Transmission Mounts can fail, and when they do, there are noticeable warning signs. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection and service if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Increased engine noise
  • Noticeable engine vibration felt inside the cabin
  • Growling noise when the vehicle is in gear (especially Reverse)
  • Harsh gear shifting
  • Leaking fluids from the mounts
  • Gaps or breaks in the rubber mount components
  • Squeaking or rattling noise while shifting
  • Engine may appear lower on one side

Bad Gear Shift Indicator

Knowing what gear your automobile is in is a safety feature that needs to operate correctly at all times. If you think your vehicle’s shift indicator may be going bad, look for the following signs:

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light
  • Wrong gear indicated (ex. Shows P when you are in D)
  • Shift Indicator does not move or change positions when changing gears

Faulty Gear Shift Solenoid

Testing the gear shift solenoid usually requires the transmission fluid to be drained. If your vehicle seems to have issues shifting gears, schedule a transmission service and mention your concerns to the service technician. A faulty gear shift solenoid will need replacement.

CV Joints

A rubber or plastic boot is clamped into place over the CV Joints. The joints are packed with grease to keep them properly lubricated and debris-free. If the boots become damaged, the following issues can occur:

  • Visible grease on the outside of the CV Joint or boot
  • Clicking or popping sound while turning
  • Side-to-side shaking or vibrations while accelerating
  • Clunking sound when shifting from Drive to Reverse

Motor & Transmission Maintenance

Eby’s Garage is a modern repair facility that uses the latest computer hardware and software to diagnose your vehicle. Ask us about the most efficient way to maintain or repair your vehicle. We can help make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Schedule A MD State Safety Inspection

Call Eby’s Garage today at (301) 432-5130 or visit us online to make your service appointment. Our highly trained team of ASE-certified technicians will provide an honest and reliable diagnosis of your vehicle’s motor and transmission issues. Our #1 goal is to get your automobile to pass your MD Safety Inspection.

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