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When to Get a Vehicle State Inspection, Boonsboro MD

Vehicle State Inspection, Safety Inspection, Emissions, Maryland

When to Get a Vehicle State Inspection, Boonsboro MD

Vehicle State Inspection, Safety Inspection, Emissions, Maryland

Maryland requires a Vehicle State Inspection on all cars registered within the state. When you find yourself buying or selling a vehicle in Maryland, be sure to visit an Authorized Safety Inspection Station to obtain your Maryland Safety Inspection certificate. Once you complete the safety inspection, your automobile must pass the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program. Please keep reading for details on these inspections requirements and where to obtain them.

What is a Vehicle State Inspection?

The Maryland Vehicle State Inspection is a set of safety standards sanctioned by the Motor Vehicles Administration (MVA). They ensure that every vehicle registered in Maryland is safe to be on the road.

The state inspections include two parts. First, The Maryland Safety Inspection (MSI) focuses on aspects of vehicle safety. Second, the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) focuses on vehicle emissions. These Vehicle State Inspections help ensure that automobiles sold in Maryland are safe, efficient, and reliable to drive.

Maryland Safety Inspection (MSI)

Maryland requires Safety Inspections prior to registering any passenger car, light truck, SUV, or trailer (shorter than 20-feet and without air brakes). Do you plan to register and drive a vehicle in Maryland? In that case, you must obtain a recent MSI certificate to get a permanent registration.

Fortunately. Maryland only requires vehicle owners to get a single Safety Inspection. The first situation is when you first move to Maryland and need to register your vehicle. The second situation is prior to selling or transferring a vehicle. However, if you purchase a used vehicle without an MSI, then you are responsible for fulfilling the MSI certificate requirement.

Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP)

New vehicles registered for the first time will need a Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program or VEIP testing completed at least 36 months from the date of registration. Generally, all vehicles must have their emissions tested under the VEIP every two years, with a few exceptions.

Studies show that vehicle emissions pollute the air and contribute to ground-level ozone, a major smog component. Motorists currently drive 135-million miles in Maryland every day, and that amount increases every year. You can help reduce air pollution by complying with VEIP inspections and ensuring your vehicle is operating efficiently.

Why Do I Need A Vehicle State Inspection?

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, “Most used vehicles are required by Maryland Law to undergo a Safety Inspection prior to its sale or transfer. Generally, the seller or transferor of the vehicle is required to obtain the inspection certificate.” If you have difficulty scheduling an inspection, you may be eligible for a 30-day temporary registration or a military personnel inspection waiver. Both waivers allow you to drive your vehicle before its Maryland Safety Inspection.

How Do I Get A Vehicle Emissions Inspection?

You can get a Maryland Vehicle Emissions Inspection by scheduling an appointment at a local VEIP station or visiting a Self-Serve VEIP kiosk. Upon completing the VEIP test, you will receive a certificate stating whether you Passed or Failed. You must have your vehicle serviced or repaired, and re-tested until it passes the required VEIP tests or your automobile qualifies for a repair waiver.

VEIP Stations

VEIP stations are open:

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturdays 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Self-Service VEIP Kiosk

Use the Self-service 24/7 VEIP kiosk for vehicles model year 2005 or newer (under 8,500 lbs) and vehicles model year 2008 or newer (less than 14,000 lbs). Kiosks only accept credit card payments.

How Do I Get A Maryland Safety Inspection?

You must have your vehicle inspected at an authorized safety inspection station in Maryland before you can acquire a Maryland Safety Inspection certificate. Before taking the automobile in for inspection, ensure that it is properly registered, either in Maryland or another state. Suppose you cannot register the vehicle because it has not yet received a safety inspection. In that case, you may qualify for a 30-day temporary registration that will enable you to drive the automobile to the inspection station legally.

Authorized Safety Inspection Station

Eby’s Garage, located in Boonsboro, MD, is proud to be an authorized safety inspection station. We can quickly perform a state inspection on any vehicle. Our experienced service technicians can walk you through the testing process and offer repair solutions when necessary.

Schedule Your Vehicle State Inspection

We are happy to help! You can call us at (301) 432-5130 or visit us online to schedule your Maryland Safety Inspection. Most safety inspections take about 90 minutes to complete.

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