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Check Engine Light


Your Check Engine light or CEL,  is an indicator of a problem with the Computer System that controls and monitors the engine and transmission as well as the emissions system. When the light comes on there is a code in the system to help diagnose the problem area. There can be many reasons for a CEL, as there are literally hundreds of codes. Many sensors do the monitoring as well as control units, coils, injectors, solenoids and the list continues.

Various auto supply stores offer to read the codes in the system and may call it diagnostics. This has caused some confusion in the industry as the electronic or computer systems are very complicated.

Eby's Garage can read the codes for free and give advice on whether you should drive the car based on the code. We also offer several different diagnostic packages. Our trained technicians will perform in-depth diagnostic tests depending on the code or multiple codes and where they lead to on your vehicle. Eby's Garage has the latest diagnostic equipment as well as using professional technical service.

One negative effect of the CEL is that there could be one or multiple codes that may correlate to each other or be different. Eby's Garage will give you updates along the process of testing and repairing your vehicle. It is always best to test the problem sooner rather than to continue to drive with a light on.




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